Precision Farming

Modern crop production needs digital tools to increase precision and make more efficient use of resources. The CCI 1200 and CCI 800 already offers many features that support you in the field. Thanks to ISOBUS you can take advantage of many different machines from seed to harvest.

Section Control automatically switches up to 254 sections from one machine. It supports seed drills, planters, fertilizer spreaders, sprayers, universal spreaders, manure barrels, mowers and rakes. With the headland function, surfaces can be disabled for processing to first edit the field interior, e.g. for laying potatoes, but also for plant protection. Circular headlands or individual headlands (only at the head ends) can be created.

Rate Control enables the import of maps for the site-specific application in the shape or ISO-XML format. Data are supported as mass, volume, distances and percent. NEW: 2 Control Points allow a different application rate on the left and right side of the machine for even more precision. Prerequisite is a machine that supports this function.

We are in constant contact with many FMIS providers and are testing compatibility with our terminals. We performed successful tests with, among others, the following providers:

Tramline Control automatically switches tramlines via GPS. Prerequisite is a machine which also supports this function. When sowing or planting this function can also be used in beds, the tramlines are nevertheless created exactly.

Parallel Tracking is a parallel driving aid. The current deviation from the track is visually displayed. For optimum connection when fertilizing and plant protection on grassland or pre-emergence.