CCI 50

Ergonomical, compact, competitive

  • Developed by practitioners for practical use
  • Certified ISOBUS-Terminal
  • One-handed operation by swapping of softkeys
  • Rotary encoder for efficient setpoint entry
  • 5,6“ touchscreen colour display
  • Function buttons for reliable operation in rough terrain
  • Ambient light sensor for automatic adjustment of display brightness
  • “Toggle-key” for direct access to apps or machine interface


Simply connect machines, a second terminal or additional control unit (e.g. a joystick) to the ISOBUS – for cross-manufacturer machine operation and data transfer.

Signal socket
While not all tractors are equipped with ISOBUS, most of them come with a signal socket. The CCI-Terminal makes use of this to determine driving speed, PTO speed and linkage position and then shares the data with all other applications in the ISOBUS network: area-counter, speed-related control of spread rate in fertilization and crop protection, to name only a few.

And more…
The CCI-Terminal also provides interfaces for GPS, video-cameras and an external light bar.


With CCI.Apps it’s easy to add features to your CCI Terminal and customize it according to your needs. Already a multitude of apps is available, some of which are free of charge and part of the standard delivery.

Benefit from our broad and constantly updated range of products. From visual machine control to task management with ISOBUS-documentation – a wide selection of apps, ranging from useful little helpers to comprehensive
tools is available.

Add apps later? No problem!
Your dealer determines the activation code using the CCI Service-Portal. After entering it into the terminal, the app is instantly operational. Simply add new apps and benefit from our future developments.

The CCI Terminals

CCI 50

Display 5,6"
Touch resistiv
Dimensions (mm) 200 x 195 x 65
Weight (kg) 0,9
Protection IP 65

CCI 100 + CCI 200

Display 8,4"
Touch resistiv
Dimensions (mm) 250 x 240 x 92
Weight (kg) 1,5
Protection IP 65

CCI 1200

Display 12,1"
Touch kapazitiv
Dimensions (mm) 311 x 213 x 66
Weight (kg) 2,0
Protection IP 65
The CCI Terminals are available at the CCI member companies only.