The agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform with which machines and agricultural software from farmers and contractors can be connected across manufacturers. It solves a core problem in modern digital agriculture.



  • As a universal data exchange platform, the agrirouter closes a gap on the way to Farming 4.0.
  • The concept of the agrirouter unites manu-facturer-independent data exchange.
  • In real life, this means simple data exchange between machines and the software applica-tions used on your farm.
  • Only you determine the routes on which your agrirouter transports your data.
  • You retain complete control over your data.

Regardless of whether data is to be exchanged from a CCI 1200 using a USB stick or online via the agrirouter, the Task Control license must be purchased once. In addition to the data exchange function, Task Control also offers every possibility for processing application maps for area-specific applications. Connection to the Internet is inexpensive thanks to the new W10 WLAN adapter. The CCI 1200 connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi networks. The mobile hotspot function on smartphones also provides Internet access in the field. This facilitates entry into digital agriculture; smartphone data can also be used to exchange machine data.